Why is Cyprus so popular to Digital Nomads?

Why is Cyprus so popular to Digital Nomads?

We are currently living the post-pandemic era, an era that encompasses numerous changes in almost every sector. One of these is that many people have started working remotely, a change that is becoming a permanent situation for many businesses and individuals. To this end, prepare to come across the term Digital Nomadmore and more often as it refers to all those who choose to work from anywhere, using technology to perform their job instead of being physically present in an office. This means that you can be at a beach bar, overlooking the sea, or at the mountains enjoying, for example, the sight of white snowy pine trees, working on your laptop and still be as productive as possible. If you are considering becoming a Digital Nomad, Cyprus constitutes the perfect place to relocate, as it offers an array of perks and benefits!

Foremost, Cyprus, since January 2022, has been offering a Digital Nomad Visa, for a maximum duration of 12 months, for non-Eu nationals whose actual employer or clients are not based in Cyprus. The visa, however, can be renewed for two additional years, which makes the island a very attractive choice since digital nomads are not actually allowed to be working on tourist visas. This means that all kinds of individuals, either self-employed, salaried, or freelancers, can enjoy what the island has to offer for three whole years!

What renders the island the ideal place to relocate is of course its prime location. Part of the EU and in the Mediterranean, you can enjoy a warm, beach perfect weather

for at least 7 months a year. What is more, at the crossroad of three continents, the island provides easy access to practically anywhere. What is also important is that, due to the island’s relatively small size, there’s no frustrating and time-consuming commuting, while the healthcare system is really organized and efficient. Of course, one of the most decisive factors for a digital nomad is what you can do when you are not working. Undeniably, Cyprus

has so much to offer: from some of the most scenic blue flag beaches in the world, a rich cultural tradition with many UNESCO heritage churches and sights, idyllic sceneries, and breathtaking hiking trails. Also, Cyprus is a culinary destination with some exquisite restaurants and award-winning bars that can satisfy all tastes and match any lifestyle.

Most digital nomads prefer to live in a country’s big city or town in order to be close to all facilities and services. Wherever you choose to live in Cyprus, there’s easy access to all needs and amenities while getting around the island is really simple. Ayia Napa and Protaras are two of the most popular resort towns in Cyprus, with great impact to the island’s overall economy. These areas have the most amazing and dreamlike coasts, an incredible nightlife, and various different outdoor activities to enjoy when the weather is warm, which is almost all the time! Larnaca,which is also located at the southeast cape of the island, has the lower living and business costs. Also, it houses the island’s international airport, hence, it is the ideal option if you travel a lot. The capital, Nicosia, is included in Europe’s top 20 most refined places to live in. In Nicosia, you can combine everything: a business environment and, simultaneously, it is a cultural and cosmopolitan destination. Limassol, which offers some gorgeous sandy beaches, has the most job opportunities due to its multicultural character that attracts many foreign investors. Finally, Paphos seems to be preferred by British, forming the largest ex-pats community in the island.

For wild spirits who are always on the lookout for the next incredible destination, embracing a digital nomadic life is the best option. Just connect to the WiFi, and you can work from anywhere, anytime! Being a digital nomad allows you to be as independent and flexible as you wish. You can also choose the lifestyle you want to embrace and spend as much money as you can afford. Who doesn’t want to escape the toxic environment of office politics and gossip and work by the beach or at a log cabin in the mountains, instead? At the same time, you get the chance to gain so many skills, learn different languages, make new acquaintances, absorb interesting facts about various cultures, to name just a few of the numerous benefits.

If you still haven’t decided what exactly you want to do, the list is endless: you can be a blogger, a YouTuber, a Freelance writer, or a consultant. You can even be a bookkeeper, a software developer, a website designer, or work at a SEO Agency. What’s more, you can join the education sector and create or teach online courses. If you are uncertain or confused on how one becomes a digital nomad, there is a wide array of websites and books that can guide you to the right direction or for checking the available remote work opportunities. Then, you need to make sure that you are following the legal obligations of the country you reside in or pay any taxes that may rise. Also, a good tip is to set up a PayPal account that can help you with foreign transactions. For being efficient and reliable, always ask for a fast internet connection and, for places where the internet is censored, VPN is also crucial. Don’t forget to sign up for virtual mail services and check specific insurance options for digital nomads.

The life of a digital nomad is obviously not for everyone. However, if you enjoy being flexible, love endless travelling, prefer to have meetings in your shorts instead of suit and ties, and dread dealing with that stressful office environment, then being a digital nomad is definitely for you. When you work remotely, you need an inspiring and comfortable accommodation/workspace. Fortunately, Sweet Home Estateshas a diverse variety of options and are dedicated to helping you find the perfect property. Just visit our website or contact us directly (https://sweethome.cy/contact) and book your flight to Cyprus as your next digital nomad destination.

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