Doing Business in Cyprus

In recent years, Cyprus has emerged as one of the fastest-growing economies in the EU, combining a stable business environment with a progressive infrastructure.
Recognized as an international hub of excellence for business and financial operations, due to uncomplicated procedures for opening and operating companies, the island continues to attract increasing numbers of foreign investors seeking to establish their operational presence in Cyprus.

Some of the many benefits for investment and registering businesses in Cyprus include:

  • EU and Eurozone membership, ensuring security and transparency for business practices.
  • Strategic geographical location, linking Europe, Africa, and Asia, acting as an ideal portal for both EU and non-EU investment.
  • Business-friendly and effective legal infrastructure, which is mostly based on the UK Common Law principles.
  • A talented workforce: Cyprus has an abundance of well-trained and highly qualified professionals in many fields of work.
  • Attractive tax regime with a corporate tax rate of 12.5% for companies managed and controlled from Cyprus, and double tax treaty with over 60 countries.
  • Economic resilience: Cyprus recovered well after the financial crisis of 2013 with a swift return to economic growth from 2015 onwards.

All the above, combined with a high quality of life and abundance of investment opportunities continue to make Cyprus evolve and prosper as an ideal location for business and investment.