Reasons to invest in Protaras

Reasons to invest in Protaras

There’s no doubt that Cyprus is a beautiful country, and with such an amazing climate offering year-round sunshine, it’s understandable that many people choose to buy property here. Are you considering investing in Cyprus? Maybe you’re looking for a holiday home, perhaps with a view to retiring to this stunning island, or to bring in a rental income. Whatever your reasons, Cyprus, and more specifically Protaras, is the ideal location. Read on to find out why… 

Cyprus is a wonderful place to live  

Cyprus is an idyllic paradise. It’s safe, with some of the lowest crime rates in all of Europe. It has excellent medical facilities and outstanding educational establishments. It’s a fascinating island, full of history, breath-taking scenery and so much more. And of course, you’ve got the perfect climate! 

Why choose Protaras?  

We believe Protaras is the jewel in the crown of Cyprus when it comes to choosing a location to invest in. If you’re looking to rent out your property, you’ll have no trouble finding short or long-term tenants when your property is located in this highly desirable area. This of course makes it an attractive choice for your own residence, if you’re looking to upgrade your lifestyle. 

Quiet and relaxing, yet close to amenities and excitement  

Protaras is such a calm and tranquil area, yet you’re so close to lively Ayia Napa. You can enjoy the peace and quiet at your Protaras property and simply cross over into Ayia Napa for a wealth of shopping, dining, entertainment, and nightlife opportunities 

Spectacular beaches 

When you own a property in Protaras, you’re lucky enough to be close to the very best beaches in all of Cyprus. You’re truly spoilt for choice here. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly beach with water sports and seafront dining, or you’d like to step off the beaten track and discover a hidden secluded beach to relax and unwind, you’ll find it all in Protaras.  

It’s an up-and-coming area 

Protaras is currently the focus of some serious investment into renovating the area. There are some exciting new developments underway and planned for the future. This will only increase the popularity of the area and boost the value of your investment.   

There’s so much to see and do 

It’s impossible to be bored in Protaras! There are just so many wonderful attractions. Nature lovers can spend days exploring the nature trails of the Cape Greco national park. History buffs will certainly be interested to visit the ancient churches and historic and archaeological sites, and there’s plenty for the kids too such as an oceanarium and an amusement park.  

Winters in Protaras are amazing for locals 

While in other countries the tourist areas often shut down out of season, with Protaras having year-round sunshine, there are still visitors in the winter months, so you’ll find shops, restaurants and attractions all stay open year-round. The tourist numbers fall over the winter, so it never feels crowded, and you can make the most of all the amenities. It really is a wonderful time of year for Protaras residents.   

Is it time to make your dreams a reality? 

Discover a world of high-quality luxury property in Protaras, from apartments to large villas at Sweet Home Estates. Visit our website to learn more, and don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team of highly experienced experts is waiting to help you find your perfect Protaras property.  

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