How to Fill your Home with the Christmas Spirit

How to Fill your Home with the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is such a magical time, it’s all about capturing that essence of the spirit of Christmas. While it’s lovely to exchange gifts and eat delicious festive food, it is the Christmas spirit that makes this season truly special. You’ll find the Christmas spirit in togetherness, in beautiful moments spent with good friends and family. You’ll even find it in those quiet moments alone, while you’re wrapping presents, when you listen to a Christmas song on the radio, while you’re preparing food for a Christmas meal. It’s time for reflection, time to think of others, and time to embrace all that Christmas embodies. 

It's never too soon to start your Christmas plans, getting ready early helps to avoid any festive stress and gives you time to really bring the spirit of Christmas into your home. Here are some great ideas to help fill your home with Christmas spirit..

Turn up the volume on those seasonal tunes 

Christmas music can really help to get you in the mood for the festivities. Whether you love to rock around the Christmas tree, or prefer to dream of a white Christmas with Bing Crosby, there are so many uplifting Christmas songs and carols that are the perfect backdrop to Christmas time. Don’t forget to turn up the volume and sing along!   

Bake and share cookies   

The smell of freshly baked cookies is wonderful at any time of year, but it’s particularly special in the run-up to Christmas. Get the family involved in icing and decorating Christmas-themed cookies. Have fun with festive cookie cutters, with Christmas trees, snowmen, and Santa shapes. Ice them in red and green, or ice white and blue, the colors of Christmas, and add some golden sprinkles for a touch of magic and luxury. Why not gift your cookies to friends and neighbours? A lovely gesture, and the perfect way to spread the Christmas spirit.  

Put the tree up early 

The Christmas tree is a tradition that dates back to the 16th century. Once that beautiful fir tree is decorated with twinkling lights and baubles, you can’t help but feel Christmas. If you have a real tree, you’ll also be able to enjoy its gorgeous aroma, but don’t worry if you have an artificial tree, you can buy Christmas tree-scented sprays, candles, and tree-hangers, ideal for creating the illusion of a real tree, but without the hassle of the falling needles. We think the sooner you get that tree up the better, as you’ll have more time to enjoy it. Each bauble brings back a memory, and with some mood lighting, your room is transformed into a wonderland.  

Bring Christmas scents into your home 

Christmas is full of beautiful aromas, so make an effort to bring those scents into your home. You’ll find a wide range of festive-scented candles and diffuses available to flood your rooms with seasonal smells. From pine to apple and cinnamon, from orange to gingerbread, you’re spoil for choice 

Start a new Christmas tradition 

Christmas is steeped in traditions, some are followed by many people, such as bringing a tree into our home to decorate, and hanging up Christmas stockings, but many families have their own unique traditions that they follow, that make Christmas extra special. It might be learning a new Christmas song to sing together, or playing a board game on Christmas eve. Perhaps you take a stroll after dark in your neighborhood to look at the Christmas lights or maybe you have a special breakfast on Christmas morning that you all eat in your pyjamas. It is these special traditions that end up being passed down through the generations, and are fondly remembered. So why not start a new tradition this year to add even more magic to the celebrations?