Proven – Life by the Sea is Good for Your Health

Proven – Life by the Sea is Good for Your Health

It has been common knowledge for centuries, but now it is a proven fact.

More and more scientists come forward and prove with several studies that life by the sea is beneficial to the human body. Let us see some of their conclusions.

Encourages Physical Activity

Physical Activity

Life by the sea simply cannot be inactive. Be it the sea breeze, the sun or the inviting sand, we just cannot resist engaging in some kind of physical activity, from strolls and rambles to swimming or snorkelling.

Simply walking on the sand is considered one of the most intense yet safe types of physical exercise; due to the sand’s uneven surface and constant bashing, our body always tries to counter-balance its weight, exercising your calves, thighs, and gluteal muscles, without exhausting you.

Swimming, on the other hand, is justifiably considered the best full body workout, since it involves almost all our muscle and skeletal systems without any vibrations and danger of trauma or injury. Swimming improves circulation and does wonders for our immune system!

Equally interesting are the findings of some researchers who have established that the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids contained in seawater have antibiotic and antibacterial qualities. Additionally, swimming in warm seawater often activates certain healing mechanisms that help in a fight off various maladies, including asthma, arthritis, bronchitis and inflammations.


Excellent for your Skin

Excellent for your Skin

Every time we walk along the beach, our feet are naturally exfoliated due to the friction with the beach sand. On top of that, several nerve endings are gently massaged, flooding our body with rejuvenating energy.

Skin is also benefited by the magnesium contained in seawater. Several studies have suggested that it improves the skin's elasticity by hydrating its outer layers. In addition, salt and potassium chloride, both found in great quantities in seawater, are excellent healers, while sunbathing is recommended to people suffering from certain skin conditions, like psoriasis.




Several studies have shown that the sound of waves alters our brain patterns, having a relaxing effect on our body and thus helping our body and mind reinvigorate. Indeed, man for millennia is always drawn to the sea as a means to alleviate anxiety. In fact, the renowned ancient doctor Hippocrates used the term "thalassotherapy" (sea therapy) to describe the benefits of spending time on the beach and frequently recommended it to his patients.

It is not yet entirely clear why the rhythmic sound of the waves has such a profound impact on our mental state and mood. Some have suggested it has something to do with the sounds we used to hear in our mother’s womb. Regardless of the exact reasons, sea waves have proven to boost spontaneity and creativity. That is why artists and writers love to work by the sea.


The Sea Air…

Sea Air

Sea air’s negative ions accelerate oxygen absorption in human cells, and balance our serotonin levels - a chemical nerve cells produce that is closely associated with stress and mood changes.


Better Diet

Last but not least, life by the sea promotes a far healthier diet. People living along the coast drink more water, eat more fish and fatty acids and fresh produce and develop an aversion to sugary drinks and products, as well as fat-packed dishes.

From the very first moments of our life, we were surrounded by a watery environment. It seems that nature has always wanted us to spend our lives as close to it as possible. The array of benefits to our physical and mental health prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Maybe it is time for you too to live by nature’s standards.

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