Everything Changes in the Liopetri Fishing Shelter

Everything Changes in the Liopetri Fishing Shelter

The redevelopment of the Liopetri Fishing Shelter was finally approved by the Environmental Authorities, after considering the environmental impact assessment study and several other factors, including the opinions of the competent departments and public services. In all, the Shelter will be able to accommodate at least 114 fishing boats.

The redevelopment of the fishing shelter is part of an effort to preserve the singular character of the region, without harming the local ecosystem. The idea is to reshape the harbour that is now dominated from several random constructions and make its use more efficient and productive in the future.

Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

According to the Environmental Authorities, the redevelopment work will not affect in any significant way the zone protected by the 2000 Natura Network from Ayia Thecla to Liopetri, provided all the measures suggested in the Special Ecological Assessment report are taken properly. Among others, these measures include the proper scheduling of the construction so as to avoid overlapping the over-wintering period of the protected species Charadrius Leschenaultii.  

Let it be noted that the urban planning authorities are already collaborating with the Environmental Authorities in an effort to commence construction work as soon as possible. The initial steps, including geological and Sediment Transport Studies, were recently concluded. 

The Fishing Shelter itself is located south of the A3 Highway, between the Xylophagos quarry zone and Agia Thecla, covering around 10ha of dry land, which is already used extensively without proper infrastructure. From an administrative point of view, the region mostly belongs to the Liopetri commune, while a small part is attached to the Sotera municipality. The studied area is included in the Natura 2000 Network and occupies a 13.04% of the “Agia Thecla-Liopetri” protected zone (70 ha) and 0.5% (76.39 ha) of the National Forest Park of the Liopetri River.

Construction Plans

Aside from the redevelopment of the fishing shelter and the river area, the project aims at creating a National Park that will serve as an advanced educational centre, as well as highlight Cyprus’ landscape and its cultural heritage.

Naturally, all construction work is to be performed in a way that will protect the natural environment of the river area, guarantee the appropriate functioning of the fishing shelter and allow the creation of an organised space, with all the necessary infrastructure.

The construction work will include:

  • Dismantlement and demolition of the existing structures.
  • The construction of
  • an entrance kiosk,
  • a fishing training centre,
  • two parking spaces, of 50 and 61 parking spots, one for the visitors and one for the fishermen,
  • a multi-functional
  • new banks,
  • a boat launch and recovery ramp,
  • a crane base,
  • an establishment of fish selection and processing,
  • a boat-yard,
  • and a bridge over the river.

Last, the project provides for a widening of the roadway of around 900m, extending the overall traffic width to 9-10.5m, including the road surface, the sidewalk and a cycle lane, and strengthening the river banks against water corrosion.

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