How’s Winter-Life in Ayia Napa?

How’s Winter-Life in Ayia Napa?

True, Ayia Napa is one of Mediterranean’s most prominent and popular summer destinations, but life does not cease to exist during the winter. On the contrary, it’s equally joyous – just in different ways.


Nightlife AYIA NAPA

To be sure, night-long parties and nightlife joints, clubs and recreation options are much less in number, but still, there are plenty of places to have fun, regardless of what that means for you – dance, nice food, live music etc.

An array of nice restaurants, for instance, can be found around the Nissi Avenue, as well as by the harbour in the heart of the city, catering for lovers of the Mediterranean cuisine, without leaving typical European and US dishes or even middle and far east oriental dishes and delicacies out of the picture.  

The number of bars still open in winter is very small, but we assure you the ones that do are among the best, especially during the weekends. Some are mostly preferred by locals and others from expats, but, no matter the case, bar owners know that they can only attract visitors during though quality services, in all aspects, drinks, music, environment.    

Most clubs open during the holidays and in special days and events, but there are some the remain open on weekends throughout the winter.  Still, dancing and music are so loved by locals, that there isn’t a month without some sort of festival – from Jazz concerts to Latin American dancing.

Daytime Fun

Daytime Fun

Daytime activities are far less impacted by the winter. Besides, weather temperatures seldom drop below 15 degrees during the day, hovering between 18 to 25 most of the time, making winters perfect for discovering the genuine local life, exploring the area, especially Cape Greco, Cyprus’s most famous National Park, which stretches a few kilometres away from Ayia Napa and is ideal for coastal hiking, picnics and exploration of the local wildlife and flora.

For example, Ayia Napa’s climate and location attract professional athletes who need to concentrate on their training in a serene, inspiring environment, as well as amateur sports fans who love jogging, hiking and cycling in a safe and idyllic place. Beaches, Ayia Napa’s most treasured asset, invite you to just lay under the cool breeze and warm sun and relish the moment. If you are brave enough, you can try and swim – water temperatures from 10 am to 2 pm are relatively warm for a winter season.

Athletes and sports buffs are not the only ones visiting Ayia Napa during the winter. Great numbers of middle-aged visitors from Northern Europe that wish to get as far away as possible from months of depressing snowfall and freezing temperatures come and reside in Ayia Napa for several months during the winter.

Aside from resting, hiking and exploring the region, there are numerous cultural events taking place on a weekly basis during the winter, covering all music genres and fancies. Besides, this is Cyprus! Points of historical and cultural interest are teaming across the island. A favourite spot, for instance, very close to Ayia Napa’s centre, is the Thalassa Museum, with exhibits narrating the history of Ayia Napa and Cyprus and a department dedicated to the local marine life.

Ayia Napa is a summer treasure and a winter gem. Why not consider living the rest of your life there? Click here and make Cyprus your new home!   

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