Questions you Must Ask When Checking a Property

Questions you Must Ask When Checking a Property

questions you must ask when checking a property inner

Acquiring something new is an exciting, rejuvenating experience, isn’t it? The whole searching process is so thrilling, that poses a danger: being so overwhelmed by excitement, you fail to ask the proper questions and possibly end up with something that doesn't match your needs – or even wishes. Moreover, if that applies to a product or service, it certainly does for real estate properties.  

Whether you need to buy, invest or rent a property, you need to make sure you base your final choice on facts, not appearances, first impressions or emotional outbursts and groundless enthusiasm.

So, we are here to help you on this one: based on our years of experience in the field, we have gathered some rather important questions you should always ask every time you check out a piece of real estate, either for renting or buying it. Let’s start with rentals, shall we?


Before Signing a Property Lease

  1. Is the leased property furnished?

    Will the rental include the furniture and equipment? Ask the agent for a list of things included in the lease and make sure you double check everything before closing the deal.

  2. What kinds of bills will the lease include?

    See if you can trace or contact the previous tenant and check what he or she was averagely paying for these bills each month.

  3. Does is it include a private parking space?

    In case it does not, can you use the public space outside the property, or is it forbidden?

  4. Why did the previous leaseholder move out?
  5. Which specific parts of the property will you have to maintain?
  6. How is everyday life in this neighborhood or area?
  7. Will I be able to alter the interior and exterior of the property? At what degree? Are there some limitations on some parts of the property?
  8. Is the tenant allowed to have pets? If it is, what kind of pets? In which areas of the property are they allowed to move around?
  9. Is the owner willing to fix any decorative problems or other signs of damage before signing the lease?


Before Buying

  1. Is someone living or using for the time being? If yes, when are they willing to move out if you eventually agree to purchase?
  2. Why is the owner selling the property?
  3. How long did the last owner or tenant live in the property?
  4. What can you tell me about my neighbours?
  5. How is everyday life in this area?
  6. Are there other buyers interested? If yes, how much are they willing to give? If no, why?
  7. Which is the lowest price the owner would accept?
  8. Are there any service charges and ground rent you should know about? If yes, how much are they? What is the council tax band?
  9. Are the drains and guttering in good condition? When were they constructed? Have there been any problems, especially with the damp?
  10. Is the plumbing working properly? Can I check the pressure in the shower?
  11. Are the windows recesses in good condition? Do the windows and doors lock properly? Have there been any housebreaking?
  12. Are all sockets and taps working properly? May I check them myself?
  13. Is there a phone socket? Does the phone work?
  14. Has the electric ever been rewired since the building’s construction? When?
  15. Is there a boiler? What type is it? When was it installed? Does it come with a guarantee?
  16. Is there a private parking or garage?

It may seem a long list, but they can save you from making a wrong choice and misplacing your money on something that isn’t worth so much or just cannot match your needs. Hence, don’t be afraid to ask them.

If you feel you need an expert beside you that can help you steer clear from traps and catches, Sweet Home Estates will be happy to be of service.

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