Why Living by The Sea is Good for You

Why Living by The Sea is Good for You

why living by the sea is good for you inner

Since you are obviously thinking of buying a nice piece property in Cyprus and move there, it would be a great idea to see which exactly are the advantages of living by the sea. You have probably heard many times the sea air can do wonders for our health, but learning exactly why and how can provide you and your family with an even stronger incentive.


1. All Sorts of Fun-Packed Activities

Our body and mind need action to stay in shape, but often this “action” is not easy to pursue within a concrete-packed urban environment. On the contrary, living by the sea can by far more inspiring. The array of fun-packed activities associated with the sea and sandy beaches can do wonders for your body and mind. Having your house near the seashore can make sunbathing, windsurfing, snorkeling, paddling, swimming, sailing, fishing, kayaking an everyday habit.  


2. Improving your Social Life

Making new friends, especially ones that are excited about the same things and activities the fascinate you, can be kind of difficult – and spending most of your life inside an apartment makes it even worse.

Having such a great range of outdoor activities to choose from when living near the sea, you will spend much more time outside, having fun with friends and family and probably you will have the chance to meet other people that share the same enthusiasm and interests with you.


3. Enjoying Better Sleep

The Sea Breeze is much more invigorating and stimulating than the suffocating air mixture we found in the city. Of course, there is an explanation behind this: sea air is full of negatively charged ions, which give our tissues the chance to absorb greater amounts of oxygen. This, in turn, helps serotonin levels balance, improving your overall mood and alleviating anxiety. Finally, all these developments will help you enjoy a much better and deep-resting sleep, which is the foundation of our mental and physical well-being.


4. Sunbathing

The sun benefits our body in several different ways – but only if we sunbathe! Every time we expose our skin to the sun’s warm touch, our body instantly produces vitamin D – a vitamin boosting our body’s defenses, strengthens our bones, and fighting autoimmune syndromes, such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease. Ah, and something else, our body cannot find vitamin D anywhere else but through the sun.

Furthermore, systematic yet moderate sunbathing helps our fight skin inflammations, such as dermatitis and psoriasis. Finally, it is scientifically proven that sunbathing improves our mental stability and alleviates stress and anxiety.

stress and anxiety

5. Great Seafood

Finding fresh seafood is next to impossible for people living away from the sea – but it is the norm for all the lucky ones living by the sea. Fishes, mollusks, and crustaceans, apart from being delicious, are packed with nutrients that, unfortunately, are lost when put in the freezer.


6. Enjoying an Elevated Social Status

Seaside property is often thought as an expensive luxury, even when its prize is not so high as people may think. This leads many people to deem the owner of such property as a highly successful businessman. This might sound a trifle or a sad token of empty pride, but it can help you a lot in your effort to gain access to certain social strata or business “clubs,” broaden your network of social acquaintances and get some terrific new business. We at Sweet Home Estates have found some of our greatest partners that way, and we can certainly help you do the same.


7. Family - Friendly

Children of all ages simply love the sea and its ventures, not just for the views and watersports, but because it also offers them the chance to spend more quality time with you.


Clearly, living by the sea is good for you; it is good for your health, your psychology, your business and social life, your family, your overall well-being. So, while considering whether you will move to Cyprus or not, do take these factors into account.

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