Top Reasons to Invest in Cyprus

Top Reasons to Invest in Cyprus

top reasons to invest in cyprus inner

Cyprus has apparently caught your eye as a possible destination for your next overseas investment – and you are not alone. Numerous investments and international firms have also discerned the favorable conditions on the island welcoming foreign investments, especially in the Real Estate industry, along with the very promising future.


Since your interest in investing in Cyprus has only recently sparkled, these are the top reasons you should consider such a move even more seriously.

  1. Generally speaking, real estate prices in Cyprus have stayed rather low, especially when seen against property prices in the United Kingdom and most western EU countries, like Spain or Portugal.
  2. Cyprus combines a fairly low cost of living with exceptional public services, transportation and communication infrastructure and a high quality of life.
  3. Cyprus economy may have suffered a severe blow a few years ago, but its sweep recovery surprised even the most optimistic estimations. Now, Cyprus economy is considered both robust and stable, and boasts equally promising future – and that is not our estimation. Institutions like the European Union, European Council, and the International Monetary Fund have all recognized Cyprus’ earnest strives to build a solid base for its economy’s future development.
  4. According to a recent announcement of Cyprus State Statistical Service, overall revenue from tourism amounted to a staggering €2.363,4 million for the year 2016, which undoubtedly is an impressive accomplishment, especially when it is compared to the €2.112,1 million of 2015, an astonishing almost 12% increase. Such statistics are certainly thrilling news to all real estate investors seeking a market that will instantly pay back.
  5. Cyprus has an excellent land registry system, featuring simple and well-managed procedures. This critical factor makes property investments a much safer option.
  6. Cyprus’ legal system is firmly based on British law, and that is why there is a significant number of English-speaking attorneys working on the island.
  7. Cyprus’ banking system is also based on the British model, which means that mortgage selection and money management is almost identical to UK’s.
  8. Cyprus boasts one of the most privileged strategic positions around the globe, dominating the crossroads between Europe, Africa, and Asia. Moreover, Cyprus uses this unique asset very wisely, by forging excellent relationships with neighboring countries, including Greece, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt.
  9. Property investors can leverage all sorts of financial incentives and the lowest level of taxation in the European Union.



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