Ayia Napa’s marina has a scent of Dubai

Ayia Napa’s marina has a scent of Dubai

ayia napa marina has a scent of dubai inner

Ayia Napa has been a magnet for tourists and visitors in Cyprus for years, with its stunning coastline, beguiling landscape, and exquisite cuisine. The construction of a modern Marina in the heart of the resort can only make things better for this magnificent destination. However, the first pictures of what is to come excite our imagination, bringing up icons of immense, orient opulence!


The Project

This project of gargantuan scale is largely the idea of the well-known multimillionaire Naguib Sawiris, who thought of merging the superior natural beauty of the Ayia Napa region with advanced construction designs featured by Dubai and other great Arabic cities. Rough estimates raise the total cost of the project to a staggering 220 million Euros, but interest has already been expressed by large investment firms from the United Arabic Emirates, as well as a significant number of individual investors.

The construction of the Marina and the whole surrounding area has commenced and gallops towards completion. According to the initial estimates, the first stage of the project will be ready by the summer of 2019. Currently, work is focused on the construction of 190 spacious, luxurious apartments, enclosed in two truly magnificent and gigantic ophidian towers, 29 luxurious villas, and, of course, the marina itself, which will boast a capacity of docking and fully catering for no less than 600 vessels (of size between 10 and 60 meters), a shipyard, as well as an array of selected shops and stores, restaurants and recreation centres offering services of optimum quality and impeccable comfort to all fortunate visitors.

Depictions and images of the final result are already circulating on the internet, and it is really hard to describe in words. The two imposing towers, the neat design of the marina and its surrounding foot-walks and cafeterias, clubs and restaurants, the careful highlighting of the area’s physical beauty and the use of trees and garden plots all come together and create a truly magnificent sight.


The Importance of the Marina

the importance of the marina

According to N. Sawiris, the success of the project lies in the combination of Ayia Napa’s stunning coastline and landscape with the opulence now found only in the Arabic Peninsula. Despite the pricey cost of acquiring a residential unit (prices start from €500,000 and reach €5,200,000) investors discern the gross potential of the region, and this rather promising future is already transforming the area.

Simply by considering the extent of this development project, which will exceed 30,000 m2, one can easily perceive its significance for the local community, from a financial, social, cultural, and touristic perspective. Apart from the abundance of job opportunities, the influx of foreign investments and the sheer opulence of the place, the touristic development that will undoubtedly follow, and the subsequent upgrading of the whole region will eventually transform Ayia Napa into a vibrant, lavish elite destination. Cyprus’ innate hospitality, cosmopolitan air, and wealth of experience in tourism guarantee the maximum capitalization of all these fantastic benefits and opportunities. 

Why not Take a Closer Look?

Still, there is no reason to wait until this magnificent effort comes to its conclusion to visit the area. Ayia Napa is already an earthly paradise, a unique blend of all those characteristics that can make your summer vacation an unforgettable experience.

So, why not take a closer look? Search for luxurious villas and apartments for Sale in Ayia Napa and experience Cyprus at its best! 

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