Thinking of Buying Land in Cyprus? Check These Tips First!

Thinking of Buying Land in Cyprus? Check These Tips First!

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Do you often dream of building your own beach house in Cyprus and enjoy five full months of summer every year? You are certainly not alone.

Land investments thrive in Cyprus and, as a matter of fact, if you do some research on the internet you will discover some incredible opportunities, at prices that make them sound like a steal. However, how can one know if these fantastic sale posts on the internet correspond to reality, especially if you are a buyer from afar?

One excellent idea is to rent a home in the area you are interested in. That way you can experience living in Cyprus before actually buying a piece of land. Also, you’ll get an idea of what’s the everyday life there, know your potential neighbours and learn firsthand about the marketplace prices. You can check our selection of rental properties here. Chances are you will find what you are looking for pretty quickly.

That said, even if you have already imagined your dream house being constructed on a particular building plot, you have to weigh up carefully seven factors before giving in to temptation and sign papers. By doing so, you lessen the odds of getting unpleasantly surprised after the purchase is complete. So, without further ado, let’s see these factors one by one.


7 Factors You Must Consider Before Buying a Land Plot

  1. Zoning Ordinances. Contact local authorities to reassure that you can build on that piece of land. Have in mind that in Cyprus, it is not permitted to build anything if you are less than 100 meters away from the shore.
  2. Irritating Sounds & Smells. If you opt for the countryside, it is important to determine beforehand if the sounds and smells of nature coming from nearby farms are something you can live with.
  3. Natural Disasters Frequency. What’s the area’s history in floods and fire blazes? If the risk is high, a strong insurance coverage is a must.
  4. The type of the soil. You certainly don’t want to build your home, only to have the foundation cracked a few years later due to the inappropriate soil. To avoid such a disaster, ask to be informed about the soil’s quality by the Infrastructure Department.
  5. Defined boundaries and land easements. Make sure your lawyer checks the title deeds and boundaries of the plot through the District Land Office. Whatever rights you or your neighbours have in crossing each other’s land must be written down thoroughly. Proper preparation saves you from misunderstandings and legal procedures that follow them.
  6. Utility expenses. Electricity, potable water, telephone services are basic utilities that every house must have. Check if all these suppliers serve your area before buying. Also, bear in mind that most regions in Cyprus do not have a central sewerage and drainage system, so you will probably need to include in your expenses a septic system installation.
  7. Land Valuations. The seller might provide you with property valuations to justify a high price, but there is no harm in double checking yourself by hiring a valuation surveyor.

If all these stress you out, and you are wondering where to start from, you can contact us, and we will help you sort your priorities.

Moreover, in the section Properties of our site, you can check out several options and attractive offers. Tell us your thoughts and worries, and together we will find the perfect match to make your dream come true.

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