3 Reasons Why Buying a House Near Amenities is Wise

3 Reasons Why Buying a House Near Amenities is Wise

3 reasons why buying a house near amenities is wise inner

Finding a suitable home is certainly not an easy task. There are so many factors to take into account: price, location, number of rooms … Right? What about nearby amenities? Believe it or not, choosing to buy a house with lots of amenities close by could add value to the property, and that is why modern infrastructure plans include as many amenities as possible for the convenience and pleasure of the residents. In the past, having a house near a school was considered a major plus, but nowadays tenants search for more luxurious options, like water parks, cultural centres, bike trails, and the list gets bigger and bigger. By being an owner of a house close to amenities you can:


1. Rent Or Resell Quickly And At A High Price

Amenities make the sale more attractive to potential tenants or buyers. This means that you have the option of renting your place in the future, whenever you wish to have an extra income. According to studies, houses and apartments closer to amenities are up to 20 per cent pricier than others that don’t have that feature. Are you interested in finding such a property in Cyprus? Why don’t you have a look at our fine collection of properties available for sale?


2. Reduce Daily Stress Levels

People do not think much of the amenities’ value when they are searching for a place to live, but they do understand by experience how practical short distances to amenities are. You and your family can save on valuable time, for instance by not having to commute long hours to reach school or going to the supermarket at every end of the week. Time is the most valuable possession we can have. We cannot store it, so we have to use it wisely.


3. Enjoy your Favorite Lifestyle

Buying a house close to amenities that serve a particular kind of lifestyle you and your family follow, your life will be fuller and more enjoyable. Little luxuries like exercise facilities, swimming pools, green parks and museums add some pepper to our lives once and a while, and what is greater than having these amenities right out of your doorstep!


4. Socialize with People With Similar Interests

Amenities attract people according to their interests. Thus, in an area with a particular type of amenities, a small community is formed, a community where you can find friends that share the same passions and interests with you!

From all the above it is clear that amenities play a significant role in the development of an area. Thus they add to the value of the property. Moreover, amenities enhance our quality of life and beautify the environment around us. Upon choosing a house, you do not choose just the building but also the neighbourhood in which you will spend your free time – and that is why it is called a place to live.

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