Buying a Home? Avoid These Common Pitfalls!

Buying a Home? Avoid These Common Pitfalls!


Buying a home is certainly an important step in your life. It is not a far-fetched scenario to spot after months of house-hunting the property of your dreams, just to realise later that the great deal was not a deal at all. The dream becomes a nightmare, and the “bargain” becomes a burden – which you must find a way to sell, or get rid of, to be more precise.

The frustration this brings may be quite overwhelming. No one likes bad surprises. Is there a way to avoid such a disaster? So check the following task list to avoid being engaged in a loss-making home purchase.
Read the Signs on the Wall. Try to take a really close look on the inside and outside walls of the house you are hunting. Do not fear to ask questions about the age of several elements, such as the roof, the doors and the windows, the fencing and so on.
  • Look out for dampness scars. Is there a characteristic odour, or signs on the walls, especially on their lower parts? Can you see that the wall has been repainted lately? These may be signs that the insulation is faulty and you will probably need to spend a lot to fix such issues pretty soon. Apart from this, ask the sellers if there was any flooding in the area in the past.
  • Check out the sound insulation. Neighborhoods with schools nearby, noisy neighbours, noisy dogs, car traffic, railway or metro lines, even airports, all add up to make your ears ring. If the house is not adequately sound proof, you may be in the footsteps of regretting the transaction. Aluminum or PVC window frames with double glass panels provide a good thermal and sound insulation.
  • Check out the electrics. If the house has a worn out electric instalment, it will be painful for your pocket to rectify it. Think also the hours or the days you may have to live with some rooms or the whole house off the grid. So, it is better to ask beforehand for a test from an electrician. Even if you have some experience, or you want to avoid the cost, electricity is not something you should take lightly. A short circuit may put you, your family, or your newly purchased property on danger. The same principles apply to the plumbing too, plus the hygiene related aspects. If the toilet flushing is weak, or there are leaks from the toilet bowl, this may pose a threat to your health.
  • Search for rotten wooden elements, like roof beams, windows, floors, and stairs. If some of these have turned bad, you can realise it from the noise they produce. For example, floors create that irritating noise on every single step; windows whistle with the wind, etc. If you are not a spook enthusiast, you will probably don’t want that kind of special effects in your house.


Mind the Big Picture

Last but not least, check the surrounding area, not just the neighbourhood of the block. This will give you an idea whether the area is crowded and busy during the rush hour, what are the parking conditions during the different hours of the day, as well as the kind of people that wander around. Are there crime incidents in the area, burglaries and so on? These are important factors to take into account when deciding on your new home.
Lighten the Burden… By Sharing it with Professionals

The responsibility for all these checks is a huge weight for one person to bear alone. No one has all the expertise as well as the knowledge of the house history to deal with all the issues that may be hidden under the carpet.There is a good reason to trust Sweet Homes Estates. Our firm has made a thorough investigation beforehand for every propertyand is ready to provide you with all the relevant information. Contact us now and rest assured we will find the best match for you.


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