3+1 ideas to bring autumn vibes into your house

3+1 ideas to bring autumn vibes into your house

Cyprus has year-round beauty, but in the autumn months, it’s perhaps the most beautiful of all, with the trees showing off their rich autumnal colours of gold, red, and orange. From the summer months, beloved by sun worshippers, we move gently into autumn. The temperatures only fall slightly, so we can still enjoy our time outdoors, but we can also start to be cosy indoors. Now is a great time to give your interior décor a shake-up and have a mini makeover for autumn. You don’t need to do anything too drastic; you don’t need to redecorate, change your furniture or spend a fortune. With these 3+1 great ideas, you can give your home an autumn vibe, and create a relaxing and comfortable space to enjoy all through autumn and into winter. Our ideas are easy to implement yet will have a great impact on your design.

1 – Switch out your scatter cushion covers 

There’s no need to replace your scatter cushions, instead, you can easily and cheaply just replace the covers to bring autumnal colors into your home. Opt for shades of red and orange, add in accents of gold and you’ll instantly feel more cozy. Make life easier by simply slipping your autumn covers on top of the previous ones and come the spring, you can simply take them off again, resetting your style. Autumn is definitely the season for snuggling up on the sofa, so how about adding in some throws to ensure your seats are extra comfortable? Perfect for movie nights! 

2 – Create an autumnal aroma 

When we style our homes, we think about the colours, the furniture, the layout, and even the lighting, but we often forget that scents can truly transform a space. From reed diffusers to scented candles and oil burners, there are so many fantastic aromatherapy fragrances out there that will smell divine and create a wonderful relaxing autumnal atmosphere.  

3 – Concentrate on a small autumn zone 

You can bring autumn into the smallest spaces and with minimal effort. You don’t have to totally transform the whole house, or even one room, you could simply create a small autumn-themed area. A neglected nook, a dark corner, a mantlepiece, or a small hallway. By adding some autumn-themed items, and with good use of colour, you can create that autumn vibe just about anywhere.  

 4 – Bring nature indoors with seasonal plants  

The autumn foliage looks amazing outdoors in the forests and woodlands. So why wouldn’t you want to bring that natural beauty indoors? There are some gorgeous, striking plants available that grow well in an indoor environment or opt for cut flowers in a range of autumnal shades. Or why not collect a bunch of fallen autumn leaves next time you’re out exploring the beautiful autumn scenery, and make a collage out of them or display them in a bowl?  

Looking for more inspiration? 

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