Yeronisos Island: A mystical island to amaze you!

Yeronisos Island: A mystical island to amaze you!

There’s just something about Cyprus that keeps bringing people back time and time again. Holidaymakers can’t help but return to this magical island to explore further, and it’s not uncommon for those returning visitors to eventually make Cyprus their permanent home. You see the thing about Cyprus, is that there are endless beautiful places to visit, secret spots to discover and breath-taking sights to see. It’s as if the more you look, the more you find. One these special delights is 
Yeronisos Island, also known as holy island and sacred island. Located just 18km off the coast of Paphos, the island is only 26,000 square metres in size, and so you would be forgiven for thinking it didn’t have any real historical past, other than being a home to birds and animals. However, like most places in Cyprus, this little island has a fascinating story behind it. 


Hotel plans unearth historic ruins of a fascinating past  

In the 1980s excavations were made to create groundwork for a proposed hotel on the island. However, when ancient ruins were unearthed, all development plans were dropped and further research began. Archaeological excavations showed that the island had been populated over three periods until the 15th century. First in the Chalcolithic period around 3800 BC, again in the Hellenistic period of 80-30 BC and again in the Byzantine period in the 6th, 7th and 13th centuries.  

An alter to Apollo  

Many artefacts have been discovered on the island dating back to the Hellenistic period including pottery, glass and coins, as well as Limestone amulets used in ritual worship of Apollo. Here, on Yeronisos Island, Cleopatra, who was at that time the ruler of Cyprus, ordered, at great expense, an alter to Apollo to be built. To please the God, and to thank him for the child she had given birth to, the son of Julius Caesar. 


A holy place since prehistoric times  

Discoveries from the Byzantine period indicate that a Christian Basilica Church was built on this spot, and finds from the Chalcolithic period of a statue of a woman, a bead and several stone tools are a good indicator that the island was a holy place even back in the prehistoric era. 


Let the magic of Cyprus into your life  

Cyprus truly is a special island, with mystical places just waiting to be discovered. Sweet Home Estates offers luxurious accommodation, perfectly situated for exploring and uncovering all the hidden secrets of Cyprus. You can live your dream life in the most perfect of places, with all the benefits that Cyprus has to offer. The year round sunshine means you can enjoy your pool and outdoor space every single day. You can visit the many unspoilt, white sand beaches whenever you want, and take life at a more leisurely pace. With one of the lowest crime rates in all of Europe, great medical services and a world class education system, Cyprus is a wonderful choice for anyone wishing to move overseas with their family to start a new and better life in the sun.  

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