5 benefits of living close to the sea

5 benefits of living close to the sea

Are you one of the many people who dream of living by the sea? There’s something truly idyllic about owning a home close to the ocean, with beautiful views and magnificent sea-front walks right on your doorstep. Living close to sea has a lot of benefits to offer you including…

  1. Great for de-stressing

Stress is a massive factor in our busy lives and it’s on the increase. With a heavy workload and family commitments, sometimes it can all feel a little too much. Research has shown that people living close to the sea have lower stress levels than those who live further away. The ocean is so calming, a stroll along the beach will make you feel instantly less stressed and more in tune with your own being and the world.

The wonderful sea air and sunshine

  1. The wonderful sea air and sunshine

When you take a deep breath of that fresh sea air, you’re taking in salt which is known to be beneficial for our health. It can be particularly beneficial for anyone suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma, allergies and bronchitis. In addition, when you’re spending more time outside, which of course you will do if you live close to the sea, you’re getting more of the beneficial vitamin D through exposure to the sun. This gives your immune system a boost, it can lower your risks of some cancers and also protect your bones.

The perfect opportunity for exercise

  1. The perfect opportunity for exercise

When you live in the city, the thought of going out for a run along the city streets, with all the vehicles and the pollution doesn’t really inspire you, but when you live close to the ocean, the beach calls to you. Whether you take a walk every morning, or choose to run at sunset, you’ll be getting that beneficial exercise we all need but it won’t feel like a chore. Your circulation will improve and so will your lung capacity. It will also help you to maintain a healthy weight.

The beneficial sound of the sea

  1. The beneficial sound of the sea

You may feel that the peace and serenity you feel when you hear the sound of the ocean is purely psychological, but studies have shown that these sounds actually stimulate part of the brain that gives us a feeling of well-being and helps us cope better with our emotions.

  1. Keeping blood pressure under control

Living at sea level is also very good for your blood pressure. At sea level there is a greater amount of oxygen in the air which is highly beneficial for many functions of the body.

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