Do you Know these 5 Secret Beaches in Cyprus?

Do you Know these 5 Secret Beaches in Cyprus?

Cyprus is full of beautiful golden sand beaches with crystal clear water, it’s the perfect setting to make the most of the Cyprus sunshine that beams down all year round. Every beach on the island is different, some are lively with a fun party atmosphere, others are perfect for families with shallow water and lots of amenities, while some others are hidden gems, a little out of the way and harder to find. If you’d like to find your own piece of heaven on a secluded secret beach, read on to discover 5 secret beaches in Cyprus


Asprokremmos-Yiannakis Beach

Do you Know these 5 Secret Beaches in Cyprus inner

Asprokremmos-Yiannakis Beach in Paphos is not all that remote and you’ll find some quaint local bars and restaurants close by, but it’s off the usual tourist track and so you’ll generally find it very calm and quiet. It’s a large beach so is perfect for a beach stroll and it has good transport links too if you haven’t hired a car.


Zapalo Beach

This huge beach in the Limassol District is utterly stunning. Its setting makes it sheltered from the winds and the sea is calm. There’s something bewitching about this beach, it’s just so quiet. Take time to look under the water and you can get a glimpse into the past with a view of the remains of a submerged old port.


Lara Beach

You need a 4x4 vehicle to reach Lara Beach in Paphos but it’s well worth the effort as it’s nearly always deserted. If you’ve ever fancied your own private beach then this could be your opportunity. This beautiful beach has soft golden sand and the water is crystal clear and perfectly clean.


Alaminos Beach

Alaminos Beach in Larnaca is not one you’ll stumble across by accident. To find it, you really need to know where to look as it’s pretty well hidden from sight. It’s a wonderful beach for swimming and does offer some amenities such as sunbed and umbrella hire and there’s a kiosk selling drinks too.


Pachyammos Beach

This beach, close to Pachyammos village in Nicosia is a tranquil haven, perfect for anyone looking for an oasis of calm for a romantic day out. You can spend all day here relaxing and enjoying the unspoilt beauty of this amazing island.


Live your life by the sea

With so many wonderful beaches to explore, a holiday is never long enough. Imagine if you owned your own home in Cyprus, you could choose a beach to spend time at every single day! You’d get to know all the secret beaches and choose one to suit every mood. A beach for a romantic picnic, a beach for family fun time, or perhaps a beach to sit and watch the magical Cyprus sunset. Making Cyprus your home is a dream come true.

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