5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Cyprus

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Cyprus

Once visited, never forgotten. You may fall in love in Cyprus, but the true love affair is with the island itself. We discover five reasons to fall in love with this magical island…

The most beautiful beaches

  1. The most beautiful beaches

The wonderful thing about Cyprus is that it has such a variety of beaches. There’s a beach to suit everyone, and a beach for whatever mood you’re in. If you simply want to chill, perhaps enjoy a romantic picnic with a loved one, then you can head to a secluded spot and have a beach all to yourself. If you’re looking for fun with friends, then take to the lively resorts in the east where you’ll find beaches with live music and sports. Taking the little ones to the beach? Then pick one of the many beaches packed full of amenities that gently slopes into the sea with plenty of shallow water for the kids to play in safely.


  1. A living history

There’s 10,000 years of truly fascinating history in Cyprus, and much of it is still there waiting to be discovered by you. A trip out to the villages is like stepping back in time. There are castles, churches and monasteries that are virtually untouched by time. The more you explore, the more you’ll learn and the more intrigued you’ll become. It really is an amazing island for anyone with an interest in history and archaeology.


  1. An island of new friends

The people of Cyprus are well known for their hospitality. Step into any bar or restaurant and you’ll receive a warm welcome. Those smiles are genuine and the locals speak great English so you’ll find yourself chatting away in no time. That’s why so many people start as holiday makers in Cyprus, and eventually make Cyprus their permanent home.   


  1. Healthy and delicious cuisine

The traditional dishes of Cyprus are a delight for the palette, but not only is the food incredibly tasty, it’s also very healthy. In fact, medical professionals state that a Mediterranean diet is the most healthy diet in the world. Finally you can eat a healthy diet that’s delicious too!


  1. The perfect lifestyle

When you live and work in Cyprus, you soon learn that life on this island is all about the perfect balance. Working hard, and making the most of your free time. It’s easy to make your down time perfect in Cyprus, with beautiful surroundings and the sunshine beaming down, letting go of work and worries and relaxing is so easy here.


Create your new life in Cyprus

Once you’ve fallen in love with Cyprus, you’ll want to keep going back. So why not make Cyprus your home and live your life by the sea? To discover more and find your new home by the ocean visit our website or get in touch.


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