Top Reasons Why It’s Great to Live and Work in Cyprus

Top Reasons Why It’s Great to Live and Work in Cyprus

If you’re considering a move overseas, or simply like the idea of it, Cyprus is well worth thinking about for a new potential home and place to work. Here are just some of the fantastic and compelling reasons why Cyprus is the perfect place to live your life to the full…

 A beautiful island with great weather

 A beautiful island with great weather

A life lived under the sun is very different. The pace of life is more relaxed and everyone is happier. The sun shines an average of 300 days a year in Cyprus and there’s so much beauty here. From the panoramic ocean views, to magical nature trails, there’s always somewhere to escape to when you need to de-stress and unwind.


It’s very safe and friendly

Cyprus has one of the lowest crime levels in Europe. The Cypriot people are well known for offering a warm welcome to newcomers and you’ll find it a very cosmopolitan place to live with around 22% of the people living here being foreign nationals.


A great workforce

If you’re looking to bring your business to Cyprus, you’ll have no problems finding skilled staff. You’ll find a great choice of multilingual and highly educated candidates for any position you have vacant. In fact, Cyprus has the highest percentage of university graduates per capita in the whole of Europe.


Well connected

For leisure or business, you’ll find Cyprus so well situated. Whether you yourself are travelling or you’re exporting or importing goods, ports and airports are right on your doorstep.


Handy tax benefits

Cyprus offers a lot of personal tax benefits and incentives for top executives and high earners moving to work and live on the island.


Fabulous healthcare

Healthcare in Cyprus is of a very high quality and it’s also inexpensive compared to many other countries.


No language barriers

Moving overseas can be problematic if you’re not fluent in the native language. You’ll have no problem in Cyprus though as just about everyone speaks very good English, so you’ll be able to settle right in. While Greek is the native language of Cyprus, you’ll find most business is conducted in English.


Reputable schools

Cyprus prides itself in the high level of education it offers, both in public and private schools. With a wide range nationalities living in Cyprus, you’ll find schools which cater specifically for foreign nationals.


A great place to raise a family

With good schools and a safe environment, this is the perfect place to bring up a young family. With the wonderful weather and a wealth of activities to take part in and sights to see, your family time together will become quality time.


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