Autumn in Cyprus: Here are 5 things to do!

Autumn in Cyprus: Here are 5 things to do!

Cyprus changes with the seasons, bringing something new and special with every turn of the calendar. In the summer months, the blazing heat brings sun worshippers flocking to the beautiful golden sand beaches. In winter, you can head up to the Troodos mountains to enjoy winter sports, but perhaps the most spectacular time of year in Cyprus is Autumn. The weather is still lovely and warm, but not too hot, making it so pleasurable when you’re out walking, cycling, or taking part in sports. But you’ll also benefit from being here outside of the main tourist season, when all the attractions are less crowded. There’s also another amazing bonus of visiting Cyprus in autumn, and that’s the spectacular scenery. The rich reds, orange and gold colours of the autumnal leaves are truly breath-taking. So don’t miss out on this fine spectacle, here are 5 of the best places to visit in autumn

1) Take a walk in the Plantania Forest

To truly make the most of those autumn colours, you need to head to theforest, and we can certainly recommend a trip to Plantania forest. You can walk all day among the trees, breathing in the fresh air as the leaves crunch beneath your feet. There’s a large picnic area here, and there’s also a campground so you could spend a magical night in the forest under the stars. An amazing experience.

2) Choose an idyllic spot for a picnic

When you step away from the cities, and into the countryside, you’ll discover some gorgeous spots to enjoy a picnic and soak up the tranquillity and beauty. When the autumn leaves carpet the floor, you feel ensconced in autumn colours. There are many picnic sites all over Cyprus, such as Xyliatos and Stavros tis Psokas.

3) Explore the beautiful villages of Cyprus 

Each village in Cyprus is unique and has something special to offer. It may be a panoramic sea view, perhaps it’s an ancient chapel, or it could be a display of local folk art. It’s easy to stick to the tourist spots of Cyprus, but if you do, you’re missing out on a wealth of history, culture, and sheer beauty. Take your time to explore the winding streets of villages such as Lofou, Kakopetria, Lefkara and Agros. Stop to enjoy the local cuisine. There’s no hurry, it’s time to relax.

4) Take a trip to wine-tasting country 

Cyprus is famous for its wine, and so a tour of the vineyards is a must when you visit, and autumn is the perfect time for this activity. As you visit the small wine-producing villages, you’ll come across beautiful scenery and architecture. It’s as much about the journey as it is about the wine. You’ll discover the story of winemaking in Cyprus and enjoy some delicious samples along the way. Don’t forget to buy a bottle or two to enjoy when you return home!

5) Go and see the beautiful Tzelefos Bridge 

All great trips deserve to be captured on camera, and so if you’re looking for a photogenic spot to take some photos to share with friends and family, head to Tzelefos Bridge. This well-preserved medieval Venetian bridge is beautiful all year round, but it’s particularly striking in autumn, surrounded as it is by trees.

Discover the wonder of Cyprus all year around

With Cyprus being a fantastic destination all year round, it’s no wonder that so many people choose this amazing island as their home. If you’d like to find out more about living your dream life in a sun-filled paradise with low crime levels and a more relaxed pace of life, do get in touch. Our expert, highly experienced estate agents, at Sweet Home Estates, are here to answer all your questions and guide you through our portfolio of magnificent Cypriot properties.

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